Feminism in Bollywood.


This post was written for an online Instagram campaign called ‘raising kids without gender bias’.Β 


Finding Feminism in Bollywood is like looking for a good script in a masala movie. It happens rarely. πŸ˜€

Heroines earlier were meant to look pretty and run around trees and Heroes were meant to save the day. Remember the snow clad Swiz alps with the Hero covered from head to toe and our ‘Heroine’ dancing in a chiffon saree? πŸ’ƒ ‘Heroines’ soon became ‘actresses’ and ‘movie industry’ became ‘fraternity’ and acting became a ‘craft’! Are we there yet? Nope, not yet. With all the good happening on the side some confusing stuff is being potrayed as ‘Feminism’. Women and men are being potrayed wrong and stereotyped.
We are battling the extremes here. Either the modern woman is shown swearing and drinking or the oppressed naari who needs to be rescued always. Why does it even matter? Cinema is the mirror to our society and what the Janta watches is what the Janta becomes! Hence it is disturbing.
When I buy that expensive tub of popcorn I better be watching a movie that entertains and makes some sense. I will not be fooled into believing that a girls trip and some martinis is being feminist! 🍸🍻

So tell us a good ‘Kahani’ with a little ‘English Vinglish’ and a ‘Mary Kom‘ punch! The public will be ‘Raazi’ if you treat them like a ‘Queen’ with a ‘margarita with a straw‘. We might have ‘Sullu‘ wearing a ‘Pink‘, ‘Lipstick under a Burka‘ but we want to be bold like ‘Neerja’. So ‘Badhai Ho‘ if you ‘Chak De‘ with good content. Feminism and Bollywood…Apna Time Aayega!!

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