Make Your Blog Your Reflection


Ever met a Blogger? I bet you have. Blogging was the next big thing, now it is a way of life for many. The personal ‘Dear Diaries’ that were guarded with life have now progressed to writing posts that are published for the world to read.

Ever wondered why so many people blog? Why they bother to share their thoughts with the world? Are they so vain that they seek attention? Do the likes and comments by strangers satiate their drive and validate their existence?  I feel people blog because they want to connect. They want to express, share and at times make a difference.

New age parents are striving to raise children to be free thinkers, to have an opinion and be responsible global citizens. In a world where some sections of society are still fighting to have a voice, blogging gives a voice to all.

Like a child, a blog needs nurturing and direction. People who see your blog must instantly be able to picture the person behind it. Like a good parent you must make it your own. A blog should be a reflection of you, to be authentic. A blog must have personality.

In order to make your blog a reflection of yourself you must first ask some questions-Who are you? What are your strengths? What do you enjoy doing? Are you writing for yourself or for others? What are your blog goals? Do you have a plan? Is it a private blog or meant to be public.

A successful blog takes a while to build. A blogger should possess certain qualities like honesty for presenting the thoughts, creativity to engage the audience, flexibility to adapt and transform with time, credibility that is earned through hard work, integrity to present original work and most importantly courage to take a stand and hold your ground.

Write only when you want to. Don’t write because you have to. We teach our children ‘sharing is caring’ so share your thoughts, your life experiences and connect. is a doodle blog. It combines my love for doodles and writing. This blog is all heart. A doodle Blog from a mom’s perspective about parenting, life and dreams. The blog is happily imperfect because that’s who I am. Happy exploring….


This post is a part of #slimTurns4 Birthday celebration hosted by Slimexpectations and ThoughtsbyGeethica. The Prompt used was ‘Make your Blog your reflection’.




Published by FaujiMom

A mom who makes doodles on parenting.

14 thoughts on “Make Your Blog Your Reflection

  1. Very well put.each and every word you wrote about blogging and nurturing it just like we nurture our child is so very true. Our blog should speak for us. And that is only possible when our work is authentic.


    1. I’m sure through Ur blog I’ve got to kno abtnur personality too like u mentioned, btw gud to read this how shld we take up our blogs seriously…


  2. Loved your thoughts and I agree that every one has a different purpose and goal to start blogging. to make a blog sucessful it is very important that it should be a reflection of your unique personality. #Slimturns4


  3. You have put things across in a Great way, many bloggers must consider the questions you have mentioned to give their writing a direction, do they really want goals or they want to write for leisure, understanding this is very important.


  4. Hey Niyat, glad to be on your blog. You are right by saying that blogging is the next big thing today. But yes, you should write for yourself first and make it your reflection and not what others are writing.
    Thank you for participating in the blog contest.


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