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Cool Inventions Needed By Moms

Necessity is the mother of invention.

Almost every day I look around and imagine the things I would like to invent. Only if I was more academically inclined and loved science, I would have become a scientist. If you are a scientist or know one personally… please forward this post urgently.

Here are a bunch of cool inventions that can help moms-

1. TummyTracker- When I had a newborn I could never figure out if my baby was nursing well. Checking his nappies and keeping a count was the only way to know. The initial 40 days with a newborn made me wish many times that babies should have a tummy tracker. A device that helps us see if they are actually getting the breast milk and all is well. So it will be like a small sticker you can put onchild’sbelly that will indicate tummy is full mommy don’t worry!

2. Poop Scanner- Like all moms, I have googled the poop to know all is okay with my baby. I wish there was a poop scanner that we could just scan the poop and know all is good.

3. CryTranslator– If only babies could talk life would be so simple. Those sleepless nights where my baby just wouldn’t stop crying. Looks like a stressful guessing game show where the couple looks at each other and tries to guess… Colic? Gas? Hungry? Hot? Tummy ache? Cry Translator will come to rescue!

4. The Mom Monitor- After the baby stage, a mom needs to buy this. A Monitor for the Mom that has all the required instructions that can gauge the situation and just bark things out… “Eat your food”!, “Hurry up!”, “Wear your chappals”!, “Don’t spill the milk!”, “Don’t touch the vase!”…

5.Growth Tracker- after the tummy tracker for babies, we should upgrade to growth tracker. Something you can attach to your child and you get an instant report showing his growth chart and all is well. All those immunity, growth drinks won’t fool us anymore.

6.Yummyspray– just a small spray to make some veggies and fruits seem delicious. Spray that Brocolli!

7. Mommy Drone– A drone programmed and in sync with mom’s brain. Best for helicopter-style parenting. It will hover in the house, park, malls etc keeping an eye on the kids and report wrongdoings live so that mom can spring into action.

8. Toy Sucker– I want this. A unique vacuum cleaner look alike which sucks the random toys, segregates and gets them ready for storage. You don’t have to walk into any more bhelpuri of legos, dinosaurs and play dough. Suck, collect and store properly.

9. Tantrum tracker- This can be a life saver. Can be synced to your child’s mood. Moms can foresee the toddler meltdowns, the tween outbursts or the teen eye rolls.

10. Blanket Buddy- This is a must-have. A robotic hand installed to your kids’ bed that keeps covering up the child when they kick it off. Moms need peaceful sleep!

11. Instant camera eyes– How many times have we seen our kids do something so cute but we missed it because our phone camera just distracted them. You wear instant camera contact lens during the day and click and record special spontaneous moments with a blink of your eyes.

12. Worry app-This app is for moms. You can be gifted this by friends or family or shop yourself. You just hold the phone and the app will read your worries. It will analyze, predict, give solutions and help you calm down. Keep upgrading for better performance.

13. IllnessDetector I can’t stress enough how important is this. It will look like a mini body scanner that you can circle around your child to see if they have caught any infection or a possible fever that is developing. Moms can just nip the illness in the bud with kadas from the kitchen and be combat-ready.

14. The Buri Nazar Vibes Destroyer- Yup. Even if I don’t believe in it I will still download it just to make sure. Moms are always two steps ahead.

15. Force Shield- This one will be slightly expensive. You can buy a force shield that is invisible to the world but you know its there. It surrounds you at all times and keeps you away from all the unwanted gyaan and criticism over your parenting. Only the positive and genuine conversations reach you and the rest just bounce off and back to the sender.

I might be a nobody now but 50 years down the line Faujimom will be remembered for being a thinker ahead of her times. A mom who dreamed and wrote about the Tummy Tracker, The Poop scanner, Toy sucker, Blanket Buddy, camera contact lens, the illness tracker and more.

Please note- All my ideas are my intellectual property. Feel free to post a big cheque as royalty if you decide to invent. If you need to make a sales pitch to the investors or for crowdfunding just let me know and I will be there.

Never Stop Dreaming.



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