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Sleepless in New Delhi

Covid-19 has given me many sleepless nights. With two young kids at home, their well being is always on my mind. I worry about worrying too much sometimes but I guess that’s part of parenting. Initial weeks of lockdown were so scary. I sanitized like a maniac. My husband has a back from office drill that involves taking a shower, washing his clothes, staying away from kids for a while and me scrubbing his lunch box. Now little bit of sore throat after eating chutney, bodyache after doing zhadu pocha and bartan makes me think of Covid-19 symptoms!  Times have changed and how! Before Corona kids ran to the door in the evening to welcome their papa. Now kids say.. “Run.. Corona Papa is back!

Covid-19 worries are there in the back of my mind but soon I started worrying about my kids’ schooling. Holiday homework, online classes and the future. Most days fly by and somehow the school work does not happen as effectively as it should. Every night I make mental notes of how I can do better the next day. Phonics is keeping me up. If only my kids could read my mind. Actually, if they just learn to read and write!

While dealing with the usual COVID-19 worries, Delhi and surrounding areas had some minor earthquakes. I stayed up nights wondering if my bed is shaking or is it my husband’s snoring reverberating in the room and making me imagine things. It will sound very shallow and silly but my biggest worry about the earthquake is being caught, rescued or found on the street without a bra!. My waxing is due and my most favourite nighty is not exactly a treat to the eyes! I have slept well dressed for two weeks post the earthquake and made a mental note of what to do if it happens. I gave up soon and got back to my old ways but I have made a quintessential Indian woman jugaad… I have kept the dupatta nearby just in case. You get the point.

Then I heard a swarm of locusts might be passing through Delhi! It reminded me of the Hollywood movie The Mummy! My electric mosquito racket that I bought for Rs 200 may not survive this attack.

I recovered from the Earthquakes and locusts but when I came to know about the Indo-Chinese incident and martyred brave soldiers it gave me new worries. I stayed up some nights prayed for the families and often thought why people can’t just stay happily in their own homes and stop encroaching and intimidating other countries. I wondered what the world has in future for my kids.

With ongoing border tensions between countries, I read that a meteorite like an object fell from the sky in Rajasthan. Science fiction and alien movies is my favourite genre on Netflix but now I am worried about an alien invasion! I don’t exactly fit the profile of the cool, sexy or brilliant human who can somehow survive the extraterrestrial attack. Only if cartoons could save the world I might have a chance.

The year 2020 has kept me up most nights and it does feel like a bad movie with a very expensive ticket. Like my favourite movie Sleepless in Seattle, I wish I could call the radio station above and tell God to find our ideal year 2020 just as we had imagined. We seem to have lost it somewhere. A bad start does not always mean a bad ending. I am hopelessly sleep deprived but optimistic.



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