M- Mom Life

A Typical Mom’s Phone

You can tell a lot about a person by looking at the phone they carry. You can also spot a parent’s phone especially a moms.

Phones nowadays are more than just gadgets. They are an essential part of our lives. We always carry them and keep them close. Yes, I am guilty of giving my phone to my kids sometimes. If you are a parent who can’t stand the thought of this please scroll away because this post is not for you. This post is for moms like me who sometimes give their phones to the kids to watch a funny video, Peppa or play a game.

Sometimes parents are also clumsy. With small kids you might find occasional food stains, cracked screen due to accidental drops etc. Ever since I became a parent my phone battery is always low. My phone memory is almost full because of the million pics I click of my kids everyday. Most of these pics don’t make it to my social media but they remain in the phone pics gallery till I get a warning message to free up some space. With small babies in the house a phone might also be always on silent to avoid disturbing a sleeping baby. This often leads to moms not finding their phones when they need it the most.

Our phones also have a bunch of apps that make our lives easier and also the opposite. While we google endlessly parenting hacks to make lives easier we also at times end up browsing endlessly. Sometimes we start with good intentions by looking for healthy recipes for toddlers and then click on a link about celebrity’s weight loss transformation and soon we are off track. Google is the most used search engine on our devices when we have a parenting doubt or a weird question like “Why is my child’s poop green?’.

Our phones are literally the smartphones. We entertain, get enlightened, shop and make memories all by a few clicks.

So next time you see a mom on the phone please don’t judge. For all you know she is ordering the diapers and groceries, saying hello to her family on whatsapp, tracking her steps and maybe making notes for her next blog post….

Posting this one from my beloved phone 🙂

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