A Woman has Two Hands!

‘Being a woman should not be hard’-Faujimom

Have you seen images that show a woman with multiple hands? It bothers me how it conveys that women can do it all. Haven’t you heard and read enough that women are designed by nature to handle more. If you are a woman who feels overwhelmed with million little things I want to tell you, you are not alone. I have two small kids, work from home part time and do the household chores. My day as a woman, mother and wife begins at 5:30 in the morning and gets over at 10 pm every night. I am constantly told verbally, indirectly or through my surroundings that I can do more because that’s how a woman is designed by nature. We are supposed to be the nurturing, patient, loving and good multitaskers. Cooking should be our area of interest and we are meant to miss our kids while we are away a lot.

The older generation will also cite examples of how their life was tougher like they did not have the mixer grinder to make those chutneys or house helps to assist with daily chores. Yes life was not easy back then but is it any easier now? If you look online there will be many articles that will establish this ‘multitasking quality’ backed by some scientific study. Women oriented magazines will celebrate womanhood and give you tips on how to do it all and have it all. We are taught to overload our plates with more than we should at times and it does not end well. To me, it sounds like a scam to get us all to work more. I want to meet those scientists and give a piece of my mind.With more women working now in senior positions and shining in the male-dominated careers the multitasking definition has become even more twisted. Now the women have to explain their existence. Statements like these are common “You are a stay home mum so what do you do all day?”,“You are working only part-time so the money must be not good”,“You are blogging? Does it pay enough?”, “Kids are older so now you must be looking for a job?”, “Look she has twins, works in a multinational and cooks Mexican! You should plan better.”, “She lost all her post-baby weight and you can’t seem to find the motivation”! The list goes on and the comparisons don’t stop.A woman’s picture depicted with multiple hands is to give us credit for all that we do. I understand the intention was good but the outcome is damaging. It makes one tired woman feel inadequate when she is not able to do it all. It asks the human to do superhuman things without any superpowers. It is simply unfair. So this international women’s day I want you to start with something simple. Take a step back and realize that you are one person with two hands. It’s okay if you can’t do it all. It’s okay if you fail at times, It’s okay if you decide not to run the rat race and it’s okay to say I am tired. It’s okay if you don’t enjoy cooking. It’s okay if you want to go on a trip without kids, it’s okay if you don’t want to work and it’s okay, to feel not okay at times!Let’s discard this image and leave it to only to Gods and Goddesses who are meant to save the world and do miracles. Let or sons and daughters know that moms have only two hands. Teach them compassion, empathy and encourage them to help.Women’s Day series by Faujimom 🙂 These blogs are for #EachForEqual and 6Blogsin6days. Please read the next blog post by Faujimom by clicking on the link below-


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