All Moms Are Working, Some Don’t Get A Salary

‘Being a Woman should not be hard’- Faujimom.

“So, What do you do?”

This question has haunted me for a long time ever since I became a mother. I have not worked formally with a firm for a while. When my kids were babies it was easy to just point at them and say, I am on a sabbatical. I remember one man in a party actually telling me “oh I know you must be watching Netflix all day!”. His wife was working so maybe the idea of someone else’s not working was a concept alien to him. I used to be a patient person back then so I let him live!

Now my younger one is nursery so all eyes are on me. Most people ask this question just to strike up conversation and I understand but this post is for the ones who poke and prod you on purpose to cause a dent in your self esteem. Ladies just give it back. I actually told someone a while back that if he has a job offer for me and willing to babysit my kids while I go for interviews only then give free gyaan else thank you. He laughed nervously but I wasn’t kidding! You will also get comments from Family who earlier praised you for being a good mom but now complaining why you are not working. They will quote examples, give career advice and feel disappointed. For them you respectfully smile and ignore. Have a thick skin. Then you might meet some well wishing friends, women you know etc who will sugarcoat and praise you for doing the most important job in the world of being a mother but still reminding you ‘it’s not enough’. I was told once I don’t have an identity because I don’t work!  This post is for everyone. Moms working a formal job, not working professionally, blogging, drawing or just scrolling… Keep your chin up. You don’t need validation from anyone. No matter what you do there will always be someone to tell you it’s not enough. Take your time and do what you want to and give your best. . All moms are working moms some don’t get a salary 🙂

This blog post is for the women’s day series. Please click on the link below to read the next post by Faujimom. Looking forward to hear your views on this topic.


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