Being a Woman should not be hard!

‘Being a woman should not be hard’- Faujimom

Truth Bomb-Women pull down other women and unfortunately most times these women are family, relatives or people we know. If you haven’t experienced it first hand you certainly have heard about it. How can you expect women of the world to listen and respect you, if your own women don’t? .

Our parents generation did not have it easy. They worked, saved and lived conservatively compared to what we do now. They value money and pass on the wisdom to us with good intentions. The most common thing I have noticed in most families is that women cut down and save up on things that affect them. For example it’s okay to spend lavishly on child’s first birthday and invite the world but hiring a cook to make life easier daily is frowned upon. It’s okay to spend on gold as an investment but hiring help to look after a child so that you get a break is frowned upon. It’s okay to spend exorbitantly on child’s activity class but taking a gym membership is called splurging. It’s okay to attend a family function with a small baby but to go on a holiday is not? It’s okay to shop million clothes for the newborn but buying smart maternity wear is termed as a waste of money! The list is endless.It is fed to us that cooking comes naturally to all women. A prerequisite for being a good wife and a mother. A woman who cooks is more committed and responsible than the one who hired help. The people around women especially women second guess their efforts.Women often feel obligated and under pressure to prove themselves to get the invisible stamp of approval from family and society. The reason why women feel over worked, unhappy, tired and sometimes depressed.
So this international women’s day make small changes in your life. Be wise but spend on yourself. Make your life easier in whatever capacity you can. Speak up respectfully so that the world can understand what we are talking about. It’s not a competition to see who had it tough or a comparison to see who can do more. BEING A WOMAN SHOULD NOT BE HARD- Faujimom.

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