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Bura Mat Khelo Holi Hai!

बुरा ना मानो होली है।😈 Last week while I was shopping I got hit with a water balloon. My clothes got wet and my kids were confused. I quickly walked away. The people around me expressed mild disgust and one auntiji looked up like a detective and said.. “bachhe hai”!

Holi was my favourite festival in childhood. Not anymore. Most people we play with are polite and behave but there are these odd balls who act like morons. I will not blame just the men. Women are no less. I have at times covered my head in a bandana but some over enthusiastic people find it appropriate to pull it down to ensure that my hair gets a good colour champi!

The pride people take in ‘Kaccha’ colours is beyond me! Some sadistic people get very creative during this time and they make concoctions of liquids and colours that not only harm but the after effects stay for days to come.

Ask people who dread going to work or have to run errands. Water balloons attacks are considered normal. There have been some horrid incidents reported where semen filled balloons have been thrown at women! Now what are we celebrating exactly?

I love Holi. The colours, gujiyas, music and pichkaris but first let’s learn to behave. Don’t pounce like an animal and don’t force anyone if they don’t want to play. Auntiji’s stop putting your hands inside my t-shirt to get the colour in places no one has reached!  ALWAYS take a parent’s permission before u put any colour on young kids and please don’t put any on the animals. Have a drink if you like but don’t go crazy! Use good quality colours and don’t waste water.

We need to redefine this festival. Our kids are watching so let’s do it right.

Trying to raise my boys right.. Change begins at home.

Happy Holi everyone.. बुरा मत खेलो!

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