Don’t Go Crazy, My Lady

Don’t Go Crazy, My lady!

Lockdown has been tough. We all have found our unique ways to tackle and handle this. To me, this feels like a daily marathon. Daily chores are like obstacles we have to finish to get ahead. Our family members are like spectators attending the event but sitting in the stands. They cheer for us some days and most days they watch us silently but throwing more obstacles on our way. The biggest irony of this daily marathon is that despite running from morning to night you will find, you have not lost any weight!

I have not run a real marathon but I certainly aced the lockdown marathon. It took me some time to understand and figure it out but I finally have a 5 point plan to complete this.

Here is my Don’t Go Crazy My lady Plan-

1. KEEP IT SIMPLE SWEETIE- Have you heard that ‘THE WAY TO A MAN’S HEART IS THROUGH HIS STOMACH’?? I feel this is made by a man to keep women cooking. I am sure by now we have made enough trips to his heart. Let’s give it some rest I say. Elaborate meals can wait. One-pot meals or simple daal rice is the way to go. Feel free to point to the waistline if the man makes a face.

2. PLAN YOUR DAY- If you don’t know which direction to run to and what obstacles to complete, you will never finish this marathon. Plan your day ladies. Kids have to stick to a routine. Kids need to eat, play, learn and sleep on time. These tiny humans are watching us so show them how it’s done.

3. DELEGATE CHORES- Time to take charge and lead your troops. No one is too old or too young to do something. Delegate Delegate and Delegate!


It is possible to get some resistance when you take charge. Kids might demand more screen time, the man might make a face to see a meal he does not enjoy and elders might complain about a certain issue. Learn to negotiate and say ‘No’ sometimes.

You give them options and let them decide. Tell the family to give you food requests a day in advance so that you can plan. Tell kids before the day begins how much screen time is allowed so that they don’t argue later on and tell elders your detailed daily chores so that they know how much you are doing as it is.
You can’t please everyone, remember you are not a chocolate cake 🙂


Some days despite all the plans, things don’t work out. Such days call for an emergency self-care plan. Take a break and breathe. One day does not reflect on how you are as a mother, wife or daughter-in-law. Speak and say it loudly that you need a break. Do the essentials and ignore the rest. Take shortcuts and cut yourself some slack. You decide when you don’t want to participate or finish the marathon.

Ladies Pat your back. There are no medals at the end of the marathon and no one is keeping a score. Ask for help, make your voice heard and don’t feel overwhelmed. Life is not a sprint, Life is like a marathon. Take each day at a time and pace yourself… You already started as a winner!

Love Faujimom ❤️

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