M- Mom Life

Moms don’t stop praying.

Parenting is for life!

Someone told me once that the size of a mother’s worry is as big as the child. I found that analogy very interesting. A few years down the line as an experienced mommy, I look back and feel… Damn! it was true.

As a young mom of a newborn I felt the weight of the world. I had a million small worries daily. They started bugging me even before I met the baby. Yes, I have prayed to the almighty and implored the universe for trivial things like Poop! I am sure I am not the only one who does that. I bet God has a separate department for prayers by Moms.

Can you picture that prayer department? Thousands of requests for Poop, Potty training, eating vegetables and SLEEP! I bet the angel in-charge must be rolling her eyes all the time. The busiest department where the angels are probably doing overtime most of the days. There must be spammers like me who simply don’t learn to chill, constantly send messages , pray and say…


Our worries and our children grow simultaneously. With young kids we sweat about small issues and with older ones we worry truckloads. Have you noticed how some moms with older kids chuckle and smirk when you describe your life with your baby? They will not let you go before saying… “These are your best years please enjoy”! You will hate it but they are right!

Being a mom is a never-ending job with no scope of retirement. You begin your career as a mom worrying about your baby and eventually after a few decades get promoted to another level called ‘Grandmom’ where you get to worry again!

What is the moral of the story???

Dear Parents, Congratulations!!! You are a part of this worry cycle. It’s not all that bad. Consider it as a good exercise to keep your parenting fit and healthy. Too much time on this worry cycle may not be good so take a break every now and then. If you see someone stuck in this worry cycle give her a helping hand and pull her out.

Call and check on your parents. They are on this cycle also running for a while. Listen to them when they say ‘Don’t worry all will be okay’. They have seen it all and they understand. You will be surprised your prayer mail will be lying next to your mom’s above at God’s and both will have the same subject line… Please Help my child…

Thank you for all your prayers Mom 🙂



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