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Gown Not Sanskaari Enough!

I am a member of an online community that talks about not judging. Today one lady put a picture of Priyanka Chopra Jonas with a statement with hashtag #nottrolling and #nooffense. That led to a long chain of comments by women bashing her choice of gown for the Grammys. The comments moved from clothes to character, moral values and upbringing. This is worrying on so many levels that it needs attention. It took one picture to spark the inner prejudices and discrimination of some women. We often talk about raising our boys right and how men should learn to treat women. We as women need to respect and learn to behave ourselves first.

Yes we have opinions, reservations and our belief system but then we should also know how to express our views online. By adding hashtags that say not trolling does not help. Before you compare the gown to woman empowerment let me tell you it’s not about the gown. It’s about the freedom of choice a woman used to wear what she wanted. Her body her choice. Body shaming and pulling a woman down for her choices is not empowering to women. We all have our right to express and some do it in words and some do it through their work. We should acknowledge the privilege we enjoy when it comes to internet access and social media. How we use this platform is up to us. We can choose to support, troll, encourage, ignore or learn. The choice always remains with us.

Women play a very important role in our society. Most of the women still are the primary caregivers so what they follow is what they preach. Children will watch and follow. So this makes it even more crucial for the women to take charge and change the narrative. Change begins at home. Let the conversation be about views and not prejudices.

I admire Priyanka for her journey. She made it to the Grammy’s red carpet on her own merit. Her confidence is inspiring and she sure knows what she is doing. My take on the gown as a stay home mum sitting in my leggings is- she rocked it!

So as Priyanka once said, “Don’t try and fit into the glass slippers. Instead, try and shatter the glass ceiling.”

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