O- Outlook

Karma is a Bitch(Kutri)!

On a high chair decorated with peacock feathers, garlanded and addressing an audience sat a religious leader who said a mind-boggling statement on menstruation. He said that a woman who cooks during menstruation will be born as a Kutri (a bitch) and a man who eats that food will be born as balad (an ox). This statement became a conversation starter and gave birth to many hilarious memes. I wonder why the woman gets reincarnated as a Kutri and a man does not become a Kutta? Gender bias is affecting reincarnation also?

Menstruation is still a taboo subject in many parts of the country. Such incidents pose a reality check to our incredible India. While we have a right to our religious beliefs do’s and dont’s about menstruation, there are some self-proclaimed leaders preaching human anatomy and reincarnation in one sermon. The fact that such individuals command large audiences, run institutions and have followers is a testament to how badly we need to bust taboos and talk more freely about this.

I smiled when I read that an NGO in New Delhi hosted a ‘Period Feast’ for 300 people, lunch cooked by menstruating women. Rajma chawal and delicious raita relished by 300 people stood against the misogynist mindset. I jokingly asked my husband how to tackle this new life-changing information. I demanded to be quarantined in my bedroom that has the Netflix Tv, away from him and the clingy kids, with a glass of wine and food that I could just zomato in. But he declared that the damage has been done. He has been eating food prepared by me and the cook all these years. While I will be a Kutri and he will be an OX we have two hungry monkeys to feed currently. There is no escaping the mom life. This Mom’s karma is to cook. Karma is a ‘Kutri’!!!

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