Life Lessons From Washing Utensils by Faujimom

While I scrubbed the kadai today I realized that we can learn something about life from the mundane chore of washing utensils. Humour me while I take you through this masterclass of dishwashing. Pearls of wisdom by Faujimom.

Every bartan tells a story. You have to look closely. Those steel plates you bought while setting up your home, that cheesy ceramic mug you gifted your spouse on valentines day, that kadai your mom gave when you got married, that small peppa pig plate that your kids love and so on. All your memories stacked up and looking at you from the sink. Pay attention as I explain-

  • The sink is like life. Sometimes it gets full. Organize the clutter and then life feels better. A full sink symbolizes life in the house.
  • Take time to organize the utensils like you must prioritize tasks in life. Clutter leaves your life overwhelmed.
  • Leftover food pieces clog the drain like the harsh critics clog your mind with self doubts.
  • Dishwashing without water is not possible so imagine the tap as the universe and water to be blessings. Count your blessings. Don’t be a glutton and leave some for others.
  • A basket for clean dishes is like your future. All your hardwork results in clean utensils ready for use. The basket wont get full till you make an effort.
  • Sponge, steel wool and soap are your tools! like wisdom, resilience, education and courage.
  • Spoons- are like friends. They help you enjoy the flavours of life. Dirty spoons are of no use and it’s not the number but quality that matters. There is a spoon for every occasion. Some spoons are for daily needs while other are taken out to celebrate.
  • Pressure cooker- is like any father figure in your life. He has always taken care of the tough things in life. He has seen hardships, has been a valued member of the utensil family and blows off steam every now and then to let you know he is done.
  • kadai- is like your mom. Versatile, unassuming and sturdy. Lots of patience to slow cook, or give a quick tadka of pep talk to the pressure cooker’s bland dal or ready to fry sizzling hot crispy pooris or make halwa to bless you. There is nothing a kadai cant do!
  • Non stick pans- are like the inlaws. Their Teflon coating is like experience that protects and guides you to avoid burning what you cook. Go for a good brand for a long association. They have to be handled with care. Wash gently and store respectfully.
  • Chakla belen- symbolizes a romantic relationship and companionship. Without each other they don’t work and together they help make beautiful chapatis, parathas and more. Some family planning is a good idea when it comes to life and food.
  • Iron tawa-a mentor/teacher. Solid and tough. Will train you and your kids well.
  • Sieve or a strainer is like your elder sibling. Call for any advise and they will help strain the doubts and leave you with clarity.
  • Egg pan- your younger sibling. Notorious and makes his or her presence felt, if you don’t wash it well it will stink up the utensil family. So mentor the younger one well.
  • Glass and ceramics- delicate and beautiful like your dreams and ambitions. They are precious and we handle them with care. They get washed and stored separately.
  • Plastic containers are like fake friendships. They are colourful, look fancy, look durable but eventually they get stained, smell, not good for health or environment.
  • Wiper and old kitchen cloth- These are your support system- driver, house help, car cleaner, garbage collector, society guard, local shopkeeper etc. A kitchen cant be clean till you have a handy wiper or a cloth to wipe it all away. Treat them well. They might not look fancy but we need them.
  • Tea or coffee pans are like grandparents- They brew comfort. Every sip is like a moment spent well in familiar surroundings.
  • Casserole keeps the food warm and so its like your home.
  • Plates are probably You. Steel, plastic, Corelle or China.. you come with your design and personality. You decide to take on the katoris, spoon, food, glass etc or might just decide to be social distant and enjoy eating with your hands.
  • Steel glass and katoris are the neighbours and society- some fancy, some regular, together they crowd the sink and make noise.
  • knives- are like relatives, need them but handle with care, blunt ones are of no use, too sharp one has to be careful. Everyone has a favorite knife.
  • Mixer grinder jar- technology that helps you survive. Upgrade in life and save time.

A clean kitchen is a treat for the eyes and therapeutic for the soul. A never ending cycle that we should not take for granted. Feel blessed to have the resources to cook and feed your loved ones. So next time you wash the utensils remember me and smile. Last tip before I go… Pass on this ‘Dishwashing Materclass’ opportunity to your spouse. Sharing is caring. You get the hint right?

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