Life’s Menu Card- Dine Well.

My version of Life’s Menu card and a cheat sheet for adulting. There are no Free lunches in the world. We all have our versions so select carefully.

We all get handed a menu card in life. Drinks are like hardwork, ambition and drive that keep the experience smooth. Childhood experiences are like appetizers that set a tone for what’s expected.  If you get the wrong appetizers it’s okay you can still bank on the main course. Main course is Family, friends, faith, life goals and health without which we simply can’t do. Desserts are a treat to spoil us like wealth, good luck and popularity.

Today we live in a world surrounded by more people. I would like to believe that previous generations were more content with life. They were content not because they were any wiser but simply because they did not have the million distractions we have nowadays. They valued the few long-distance calls, handwritten letters and the simple life. The majority aimed for the basics and dreamt of the usual.

Today the level of expectations have become bigger and dreams have become shinier. We have the technology to thank and curse. 50 years ago I would have been a stay home mum busy with house hold chores and kids but today I want more. I can be a stay home mum with kids and still work from home. While I have access and the means to dream big, I also have the burden of expectations. Often these expectations are from no one else but me.

Listen carefully…..It’s okay to want more for yourself!

When you feel unhappy you are made to feel guilty, ungrateful or even asked “ You are happily married with kids and a comfortable life. What more could you want in life?”.

Listen carefully again… It’s okay to want more for yourself!

As kids we knew what we had to do but there is no handbook for being an adult! Adulting is hard. Friendships and relationships are not sweet and straightforward always and life failures are often taken more seriously by us. Asking for help is most times frowned upon simply because “Hey! You are a grown up”!

So if you want to be more just do it. You want to write, paint, become an Influencer, You tuber, crafter, chef or dance… Just Do it. It takes guts to share your work and dreams on a public platform. Don’t worry about what friends or family say. Trust me you will find YOUR people along the way who never stopped dreaming,.

On this path there will also be some bullies and people who might pull you down. Sometimes they will win. On those days you believe in yourself more. REMEMBER WHY YOU STARTED IN THE FIRST PLACE!

There are no Free Lunches in the world. Everything comes at a price. Select what you want and be ready to pay the bill. Big dreams come with a heavy Bill. You will always find a way to pay it if you believe in yourself.

Life will give you a seat at the table. Dine well.



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