Mom in a red swimsuit

‘Being a woman should not be hard’- Faujimom

Have you noticed how it’s easier comparatively for men to just walk in their swimming trunks and enjoy a pool day and do cannon balls but a woman thinks a bit more. For the women who don’t have the quintessential beach bodies we worry about our legs, arms, tummy, bum, boobs, body hair, stretch marks and even the tan!

This pic was a pool day on a holiday in Goa. We went with a big group of people. I met a few couples for the first time in my life. My younger one wanted to go to the pool and only with me. The kiddie pool was right next to the poolside area where all the friends were hanging out. I thought of calling my husband and ask him to take my son so that I don’t have to march in front of 20 men in my costume. But it was his reunion get together and I wanted him to enjoy with his friends. My other women friends had older kids so they all went to the big pool and I could not. I looked at my son who was pulling my hand and wanted to splash in the pool. That moment I decided f@#k judgement and I took out the towel and went in the kiddie pool with my son. I I looked like a red Christmas ball but I didn’t care.That swimsuit walk was empowering and I went again the next day 🙂 When we see a woman in a swimsuit with the perfect body we call her attention seeking and someone big in a swimsuit we think it’s a disaster.

The only way this will change is when more people accept and celebrate themselves. The uncommon will become the normal.
I have enormous respect for all the women who try. Somedays look like success and somedays might look like we made a fool of ourselves but that’s how we learn.

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