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Mother India: Story Of A Mother, Fighting For Justice

Just browsing mindlessly on Facebook, I watched a video. I recognized the lady. We all do. A mother fighting for justice. A mother who looked tired, a bit defeated momentarily, yet determined to fight for her child. A daughter who was no longer alive but her mother did not give up. I asked myself then, “Why did I forget about her? Why has it become okay to scroll past such news? Why has it become normal to read and not react? Have we run out of condolences? Why have we stopped talking about her?” I gave up because that daughter is not my child. My children are okay. I get to hug and hold my children. The thought of any harm to them sends chills up my spine. One fever, one injury affects me. I cannot fathom what that mother goes through every day. She has relived that loss for seven years and counting. You have to hear that mother speak!

As a society, we all failed her.

If I ever meet that mother what would I say to her besides I am sorry for your loss? She understands her loss more than anyone in the world. I feel ashamed to say that it has been 7 years and she is still fighting for the closure, that she so rightfully deserves. She is standing up for each one of us. She is no longer only fighting for her daughter but fighting the system. It is appalling that the convicted criminals have any support and are finding ways to delay the sentence. The Delay in justice is injustice. Isn’t it ironic that the symbol of justice is ‘Lady Justice’. A statue of Greek Goddess blindfolded, holding a scale and a sword.

We, as a society, put women on high pedestals, call them Goddesses, give them titles and yet fail them daily. Some cases make history. This one in particular needs a win. The lawmakers need to do something out of the ordinary to set a right example for the society. A strong message needs to be sent that no one gets away by committing such heinous crimes. No one. Maybe the day will come when we finally see justice. That day will be called historic. The reporters will stalk her for interviews, the influential will appear standing next to her to share credit and Bollywood will wake up to grab a movie deal.

But today she needs our support more than ever. This long marathon to justice is taking a toll on her spirit. The tears in her eyes and the disappointment in her voice is hard to ignore. To all the parents reading this, raise your voice, speak up and don’t let this conversation die. Every voice matters. Words give courage and strength. Let that Mother know she is not alone. We stand witness to her glorious fight. We will not scroll past that video, we will follow the news, we will express our opinion and raise our voice. It is time to take our blindfolds off.

7 years of dejection and heartbreak is a heavy load to carry. Motherhood is for life. Mothers don’t give up on their children. This mother’s name means hope and she is standing tall on that very quality. She is writing history. This Mother is fighting the system and showing us the flaws that threaten all our children. She is Mother India.

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