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Sex Before Verses After A Baby!

Sex after a baby?

Sex before kids is like a Romantic Blockbuster Movie. Let me narrate a typical script… A dashing man meets a beautiful woman. The man woos the woman with his charm while she plays hard to get. The ambience is beautiful with music, rose petals sprinkled all around, a candle lit dinner and whispering sweet nothings all night long. There are promises made to move the mountains and wows renewed to say ‘we are together till death do us apart’…. It seems like a happily ever after till there is a twist in the romcom! THE COUPLE HAS A BABY.

After a baby life becomes a different movie. A thrilling movie like Jurassic Park where the couple is just trying to survive. There is love but there are tonnes of responsibilities chasing the tired couple. Now the couple gets more practical. Now who has the time to clean all the rose petals? New questions arise like “I hope the baby won’t wake up?, Did you put a blanket on the baby?” etc. Sex still remains a time to bond but it comes without the frills. Like a cake without the icing and sprinkles but it still tastes yum! The love promises get exchanged with reminders and ‘death do us apart’ scenario is replaced with “call the plumber tomorrow or else you are dead!”. Foreplay before a baby is about flirtations and whispering sweet nothings in each other’s ears. Post a baby sometimes it becomes poking each other’s love handles or discussing baby’s poop. A 40 minute fancy feature film gets subsidized into a 20 minute art movie. Sometimes during a crucial scene one hears a wail of cry from the other room. This becomes a critical scene in the movie where the couple is hanging from the cliff and one has to let go. Any experienced hero knows that he should be the one to sacrifice so that he has any hope to live the next day. The dinosaurs might not get him but the heroine would absolutely eat him alive for not being chivalrous. So he gets up and sprints to the next room to check on his offspring. The man invokes super maternal powers from the heavens above with a prayer in his heart hoping this tiny human being sleeps.Soon the heroine gives up with a heavy heart and assuming he will not return anymore. Very sure that her better half has slept off while on duty. She checks the clock and knows the baby will be up soon so its time to abort the mission. But suddenly there is a sound of footsteps.. The Hero returns.. victorious and hopeful… Some movies don’t start great but they pick up in the latter half with beautiful happy endings. Dont give up. JUST DO IT!

SEX AFTER A BABY- doodles by Faujimom-

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