Stand up for yourself Woman!

‘Well behaved women seldom make history!’
Opinionated women don’t have it easy. It is a lonely journey to self respect. Taking a stand and speaking up intimidates some people and often they will stand around the corner to see if you fail.

This is applicable to daily life where most times it’s acceptable for a man to fight passionately for what he thinks is right but if the woman tries the same, she becomes difficult, argumentative or disrespectful.

Women who take a stand are scrutinized critically. People expect us to be sweet. Any other emotion is damaging to our reputation. We are told to hush the matter, get over it and brush it under the carpet.

Women who have a mind of their own are termed headstrong and bold. Some are termed a rebel for not following the standard norms. Showing emotions does not make you weak neither taking a stand for what you believe in makes you stubborn.

Women are constantly labelled and put into categories to define them. We all are different. We do not come with a standard maual that explains it all.

So through my post I want to tell my women friends to learn to stand up for themselves, their work and their beliefs. To stand up and speak if you are wronged in personal or professional life. Fight for your work because it’s yours. Do not play it safe or be sweet to please the people around you. The crowd of cheerleaders might thin behind you, the likes, comments and shout outs might reduce but remember they will still be watching and reading every word you say because deep down they admire the woman you become when you stand for yourself.Support that woman who wrote her first book, buy art from a friend who just started, lend support to the woman who writes well, guide that blogger who needs it and checkup on that woman who is no longer active. Stop the conversation when it turns to gossip. Be secure and confident of your capabilities and don’t ever feel any less to ask for help.When you stand up for yourself remember you stand up for many. When you question your surroundings it makes people uncomfortable.

Write your own story and make your own rules. It will take courage, guts and a thick skin but it will all be worth it in the end.

‘Being a woman should not be hard’- Faujimom

I got this! What about you?
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