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The Lockdown Moms

Necessity is the mother of invention- Plato

The NEED of the hour is to hold the fort and keep the morale high of our little troops. In this lockdown period Moms have risen to the occasion and how!

During this lockdown period we have seen moms play different roles.. Which one are you?

1.The Homeschool Mom– Schools have shut but the homeschooling is on. Moms have adapted and acing the new responsibility. From online classes and making learning fun. Moms are now the class teachers, art teachers, Principal, sports teachers and more.

2. The Artsy crafty Mom– the craft bug has bitten a few moms and some have gladly embraced this. DIY’s craft to engage our bachhas. Play dough was so last year. Now it is all about ice cubes painting!

3.The Top Chef Mom– We knew most moms could cook but lockdown has proved they can beat the hell out of mystery box challenges on the reality cooking shows like MasterChef. From Pasta to Paratha, a mom can dish out any cuisine to keep the taste buds dancing.

4.The Bookworm Mom– You will find them snuggling with their baby caterpillars and devouring a beautiful story book.

5.The Tik Tok Mom– These are moms who believe that “ The show must go on”! Never a dull moment with them. The artist in them is in full form and making the most of this lockdown. They are hard to ignore and almost famous.

6.The Blogger Mom– The moms who love to pen their thoughts and they have so many. They look forward to their Me-time to open their laptops and pour it all out.

7.The Instagram Mom– They are busy bees. They are a potent concoction of all the moms put together, shaken or stirred, served daily in the form of posts to keep their ‘following’ happy.  They have done all the challenges by now and thinking “What next?!!”

8.The Fitness Mom– They are the monks who don’t care about their Ferrari equivalent gyms. They are jumping, bending, crunching and squatting at home. They are uploading their zen moments online and making some of us guilty about what we just ate.

9. The Saree Moms-They love their sarees and it shows. They have aired, sorted and repacked their prized possessions. Taken out some without an occasion and by now tried some new styles of draping sarees. They are not ‘Saree’ about flaunting it.

10. The Baker Moms-The moms who never baked have also tried their hands at baking by now. Some failed attempts and some success. Monster cookies, cakes and biscuits. They have yeast on their grocery list now.

11. The On the work-call Moms-They are holding the fort and acing the workplace too. Striking a balance between work, home and family they have a lot going on. How they are coping up during this time is worthy of an applause.

12. The New moms-They are doing their best with their young babies.

13. The Old Moms and Grandmoms-They might not have kids at home to look after but their work and daily responsibilities are still ongoing. Without the house helps, aching knees and a blurry vision they still dish out yummy meals and keep the home beautiful.

14. The ‘Still going to Work’ Moms-Moms who are Doctors, bankers, sanitation workers, ngo workers, government and armed officials doing their jobs and stepping out of their homes and leaving behind kids and family. They form a proud part of corona warrior teams.

This Mother’s Day let’s acknowledge the effort and contribution made my moms all over the world during this pandemic. It was never easy but this uncertain time has put us all to a test. There will be no certificates of appreciation or medals to honour our efforts but we need to pat each other’s backs. Stay positive, take care of ourselves and help each other with kind words.

Unlock the appreciation this Mother’s Day.

With Love Faujimom ❤️

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