Woman in a Dress or a Salwar suit?

‘Being a Woman’ should not be hard’- Faujimom Why do I hesitate to pack salwar suits for a holiday to Goa? Worried to attend a family function in a western dress? Not confident to wear a saree which is not a handloom to a saree meet? Hesitate to party with friends in a club wearing Jeans and a top? Who gave us the memo of what is cool? Why are we so worried about being judged? Why do we seek constant approval and feel the need to fit in?

I think we feel scared to be labeled. We are simply succumbing to peer pressure to fit in and be accepted.

Take a look at the Illustration above and tell me how you would describe the women? Will you use words such as modern, simple, confident or homely? I bet you would. What if I told you that the lady in red dress got it from Sarojini for a bargain and the lady in salwar suit picked it up from a designer boutique thrice the price. What does this do to our labels? New found admiration for the lady in salwar suit suddenly and slight judgement for the lady in red dress? But if I say the lady in red dress graduated from an Ivy league college and exploring local markets and the lady in salwar suit comes from an affluent family but never attended school? Exhausting right? Time to stop labelling. I read the most amazing post by Moushmi @artventuretales a while back and I got so excited. She spoke about being labelled ‘simple’ because she does not colour her hair or use make up. Her post brought back memories of being labelled and being judged. We all are guilty of doing it and have been judged on our appearances. Please go check her account. She keeps it real. My post for women’s day is to stop labelling women. Let’s not judge so quickly. Don’t make your tribe based on outside appearances. The lady with makeup is not shallow and the lady in salwar suit is not simple. Backless blouse and a deep cleavage does not indicate character. Tattoos do not make someone bold. Saree clad women is not traditional. Women are more than their looks. Give a chance before you dismiss or scroll away. Invite your friend to a party or an event without judging her fashion choices and don’t get impressed by someone solely based on how they look.  Time to meet the women next to you and say Hello without any preconceived notions. Happy Women’s Day by Faujimom 🙂

These series are published for the international women’s Day #EachforEqual  #6Blogsin6days #Amwriting#faujimom

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