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All Expenses Paid Vacation for Moms!

I have been imagining a nice long holiday every time I wash the dishes. The sound of water and the froth from the dishwashing soap reminds me of the sea. Yes, I am one of those who still haven’t called the house help back. My family accuses me of being paranoid. I simply say they are trying to put a rug over their guilt of not helping me much around the house. I was dreaming of my next ideal vacation yesterday while making chapatis. The mood certainly showed in my cooking because the chapatis were round, fluffy and so soft.

Imagine this- An online application form by the biggest travel company in the world asking moms one simple question- “Why do youWANTthis vacation?”. The best answers will win an all Expenses paid vacation!

Rules of the Vacation-

1. No kids- Most moms have aced the Motherhood report card this year.

2. No husband- no explanation needed!

3. Identity will be anonymous. You are not here to make friends or make an impression. You are here to find someone. To be revealed at the end of the vacation.

4.No phones and gadgets- Memories will be recorded mentally. No posts, status updates or likes!

5. Everything complimentary.

Vacay plans-

1. Random moms will be selected from all over the world.

2. Moms with similar personalities, lifestyle and life goals.

3. Names and personal information will be anonymous. The idea is to enjoy, crib and be ourselves without any burdens of identity. No sitting with your best friend and finding comfort in familiarity.

4. We will be allowed to pick our own holiday name that we have to wear as a badge.

5. Holiday venue will be a beautiful exotic island. Don’t worry about the luggage, it will be a private chartered flight.

6. Mornings will begin with half an hour of meditation, an hour of venting out and followed by half an hour of meditation again to find some calm. You will be assigned a listening buddy. Imagine someone who will actually listen to you and understand! Followed by hugs.

7. Breakfast will be served at the beach with Mimosas and eggs to order. The best part- You don’t have to wash your plate!

8. The day will be full of relaxing massages, fun activities like painting, music or just sunbathing. No more chores!

9. Lunch would be a long buffet of yummy dishes from around the world. You might recognize some of the things you attempted to learn and cook this year. Eat guilt-free.

10. Afternoon siesta will be in your private room where you can just hog the whole bed and snore all your worries away.

11 Evening tea will be meet and talk to your new friends. You can pour your heart out without any fear of judgements. The identities are anonymous remember?

12. After a long evening trek around the resort there will be a beautiful music night followed by dinner at the beach. After dinner  you can go for a walk and let the cool breeze hit your face and make those worry wrinkles fade away. This will be your private time to introspect and count your blessings. A time to reflect, rejoice and feel content.

13. Hit the sack- when you want! No thoughts of what to cook the next day. Curl up with a nice book and catch up on that beauty sleep.

After a week of this spectacular rejuvenating vacation, we will say our Goodbyes. No exchanging numbers and names with our new friends. We will wish them well and remember them fondly the way we met, for the rest of our lives.

Finally, the head of the travel company will come forward to say thank you and wish you a safe flight back home. You realize she is a woman and she meant to empower the woman in you to make the world a better place. This vacation reinforced that ‘I am enough’. It made you realize that you don’t have to struggle all the time. It made you realize that you can support other women and their dreams without feeling inept. This vacation made you the person you always wanted to be.

There will be no pictures, souvenirs or gifts to take back home. We get to take back home the person we lost all these years. The woman who is behind the mom and wife duties. The woman who made her life all about others and forgot she is a person too. This vacation was all about celebrating her and re-introducing her to you. That Woman is You.

So tell me again “Why do youWANT this

* beach and plane pics from the internet. Thank you Google

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