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Games of Thrones. Epic Potty Tales!

When you become a parent you realise ‘Shit Matters!’

Every milestone in a child’s life is big. Some happen naturally and some take a lot of work. You find tired, anxious parents cheering from the bathroom stands, keeping their fingers crossed hoping their child Does it. The child will either refuse to give in, cry his lungs out or simply sit there for hours without any output. You finally remove him from the pot after a quick wash with some encouraging words. Like astronomers look for new planets your eyes will search the deep toilet bowl for some answers. Your findings will result in celebration and congratulating the child or it will feel like a total eclipse of the heart. Don’t give up.

Potty training is one such milestone that every parent dreams of. Your ears wait for the sweet words.. “Mumma Ho gayaaaaaa”!

Potty training means freedom from diapers, having a set routine ,being more independent and saving millions (feels like it). My kids got potty trained a few years ago but the shitty memories of that time still haunt me.

Imagine being a mom of two kids under two. You are literally tracking two Poop cycles and trying to keep calm. While the newborn gets used to the diapers the toddler refuses to let go of his. I survived and live to tell the poop tales with you all. I hope my shit helps.

1. Get a Toilet seat that is attractive for the child- The throne matters!

2. Some Pep talk before the mission. The child must be explained why we have to do this.

3. Going commando. Say bye to diapers gradually. Let child get used to not wearing any

diapers during the day.

4. Keep checking with the child every 20-30 minutes if she/he feels like going to the loo.

5. After major meals make it a habit to let the child sit on the pot for sometime.

6.Give them company while they are on mission Poop. Grab a stool and talk. King likes company.

7.Accidents will happen. keep yours and child’s morale high. You both can do it!

8.Don’t show disappointment if there is no Poop.

9. Don’t show a lot of excitement if there is Poop. Don’t set them up for failures.

10. Hug them no matter what. Don’t let anyone potty shame your parenting.

The day will come when your child will graduate to the bigger throne and bid farewell to the toilet seat. It will be emotional. You will wonder how they grew up so fast. Don’t get too happy because older kids have their own challenges.

1.They will want to flush themselves, spray themselves and just spray

randomly everywhere because its fun.

2.You will find the soggy soaked toilet paper at times because

now accidents will happen of a different kind.

3. At times you will find a random toy floating in the pot. You can’t flush it because it will clog the

drain so you have to do some shitty job to rescue it just to throw it again.

4. Your child will display his/her mathematical abilities by counting the output and telling you the

shape. You know they are pooping and learning something.

5. You child will just walk out wearing his nickers inside out with full confidence that he can now do everything on his own. The mess he left behind does not count. The thought that did he clean enough will linger.

So Dear parents.. Potty training goes on for a few years.

Don’t give up my knights.

The Night is dark and Full of terrors….

Wake up and smell the success. Shit always happens! like the silly spelling mistake in my Doodle. OOPS!



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