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Moms and Mosquitoes!

Rain Rain Go Away.

          Don’t Bring Mosquitoes Moms Pray!

I welcome the rains but I dread the mosquitoes. These pesky blood sucking beings have made life hell offlate. Despite keeping all the doors and windows closed they appear out of nowhere.

Covid is already on my mind and now there is dengue, malaria and chikungunya!Now you know why Moms are so stressed!When I saw my younger one with mosquito bites I panicked. I had been so careful. I had done it all…the Odomos, the essential oils in the diffuser, the mosquito patches on kids clothes and what not! The mosquito bites on my son’s arms made me angry.

I took out the mosquito net from the bedbox. I was happy that my online shopping came handy finally. Kids were super excited to sleep in the net tent and called it camping. Well with so many mosquitoes it did feel like one. Like a good mom Igotinside themosquitonetfirst to checkfor mosquitoes like Sherlock holmeschecks for clues. My husband and kids looked from a distance like I was an animal in a cage pacing around looking for prey. After a satisfactory inspection I tucked the kids in, turned the lights off and walked away thinking I won. Mom score 1 and Mosquito score zero!

I do admire my mini enemies. They can fly, maneuver, get hit and bounce back in no time. They know when to attack and when to hide. Nature has made a killer blood sucking machine. The Airforce should actually studythe mosquitoes anddesign some jets that can fly like them.

My husband rolled his eyes and said I am overthinking! How to explain to the man that Moms have this super natural power to foresee the disasters. It always begins with one child getting a fever, staying up all night to tend to the unwell child, changing bedsheets after they throw up, washing the bedsheets at odd hours, making kichri and soup besides the regular cooking, doctor visits and then the second child also falls ill and the cycle repeats. Just picturing it gave me chills.

The husband says he never gets bitten. Yeah right! I have slapped many mosquitoes on him and strangely he continued to sleep. He is like an open buffet and does not even flinch and snores away to glory. Mosquitoes have probably lost their appetite biting him because he has no reaction. I on the other hand jump up with every bite. His “Overthinking” statement made me want to give him a few extra slaps tonight. “ No, I don’t do that. I am just joking my dear readers.”

We were sorted for the night but during the day the mosquitoes were still very much there. They were under the dining table eating along with us, giving me company shamelessly while I was in the bathroom and even tasting my legs occasionally while I cooked in the kitchen. Enough was enough!

I bought one electric racquet finally. Ladies and Gentlemen This thing works!

Like Thor I had found my power in the electric mosquito racquet. I charged solo with a war cry in my heart and killed them left and right. The crackling sound of getting them toasted when they hit my racquet was music to my ears. My kids were like my soldiers pointing me in different directions and spotting these pesky creatures. I felt like Serena Williams and my kids were like my fans cheering loudly for me.. There was no escaping my backhand, forehand and mummy hand. These bloody intruders didn’t know what hit them. I took all my frustration out of having no maid, doing zhadu pocha, bartan, online classes and lack of me time on this battle. I saw a visibly shocked husband watching in horror from a distance but that did not stop me. I was in my full form and on a mission to complete.

My house is mosquito free. Kids ironically miss the mosquito hunt they say. I have kept my superpower device away for now and declared that maybe I should play Tennis. My husband is mocking my recent solo player championship. As a Tennis player this got a bit too much for him to digest. I have accepted his sarcastic challenge. I told him “After covid we will go to the court. I may not be a player outside but I am certainly a champ at home. Ask the kids. We just had an award ceremony and I got a paper medal!”. He had no answer.

Ek Machhar Mom ko Tennis Champ bana deta hai! True.


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