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“Social Media is so Fake!”

Being Social On Social Media

Social Media is simply online networking. We show our best and our worst best to engage and start a conversation. While some are socially active online there are many who are not. To each its own but ….

1. When People say “I am on social media just to wish birthdays and anniversaries.” They get an instant nod of approval. There will always be a person who will jump in and say “ Same here. I hardly use social media. Planning to just quit everything.” You will find these both online at odd hours scrolling. They are not quitting anytime.

2. People who don’t post any pics of themselves or their family will suddenly become social media savvy when they touch foreign land! They leave their ideas and judgement on social media at the immigration counter as they board international flight. Your social media feed will be flooded with their foreign trip pics. Don’t worry we will be kind and write “Wow what a beautiful family”, “Wow! You look so beautiful”, “best couple ever”!!! We know you want it!

3. People who get pictures taken with you and later say “ Please don’t upload online”. I want to tell them “ Please don’t appear like a vampire from thin air when I click pics”. I don’t click pics to store them in my google photos to later delete them because the memory space gets full. If you don’t make it on my social media page you will eventually be deleted. I like taking pictures and love to share.

4. People who write about how much they love working at 10am on Facebook. Why judge? You don’t understand her work.Move on.

5. People who judge people who dress up and put pics online- Her clothes her choice. You don’t have to worry how her social life might be affecting her daily life. You don’t have to worry about her backless blouse, the length of her skirt or the fact that she always wears jeans and a t shirt! It takes effort to look good, feel good, click a good picture, have the josh to share it and not care a damn.

6. People who don’t want to be seen online but are tagged and seen selectively with the ‘right people’. Hey! You told us not to take pics with you. Now what happened? Did your cool friends not get the memo? Eyeroll!

7. People who participate in ‘Women empowerment challenge posts’ but don’t really support friends who share their work online. Your Like, comments and reposting will not make them successful. They will become successful either way.

8. People who think social media people are attention seekers- What are you doing here then and how do you know? Oh! I remember you are here just for wishing Birthday’s and anniversaries!

9. People who will not reply to your messages even when you can see them online! You know I can see you. Your next day reply does not make me believe you are so busy in your imaginary work. What is this trend on whatsapp about not replying even when you are online? Whatacrap!!

10. You tell me?

Social media has scrapped the first impression. You make an impression every single time. While they say that real life is not shown on social media and it is true. I ask do you show your real self in real life everyday? The loudest person in the party may not have a voice that makes any impact beyond the four walls. Its often the quiet social media savvy human, you never noticed who has a voice and impacts many.

Do what makes you happy. Do what makes you happy. Sing, dance, create, click and upload! friends see you the way you are and followers follow you because you show what you are.

Don’t blame Social media.

Don’t Fake it and still make it!



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