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Superheroes Watch Cartoons!

That’s the real trouble with the world, too many people grow up.”- Walt Disney

Do you sit back and watch cartoons with your kids? Remember we used to love watching cartoons also but we outgrew them. I wonder why? Adults probably need cool graphics, larger than life experience to believe something which is actually so basic. Cartoons are more than just fun stories for children. We all are born Superheroes but sometimes we forget.

Everyone has some super power but we have to discover it. This is what I tell my kids-

1. Hulk– He gets really angry but he has learnt to use his anger for fighting the bad guys.

When you get angry take a deep breath and do better next time.

2. Spiderman- A boy next door can also be a superhero.

You don’t worry about not being the tallest boy in your class.

3. Ironman– Your mumma’s favourite. He is a tech genius and finds a solution for every problem.

So don’t frown when you have to do homework. Cool brains make cool Inventions.

4. Captain America– stands for justice. Don’t cheat when we play board games.

5. Thor- is a God from another universe. He learns that powers have to be earned and he needs to value

them. So count your blessings. We don’t need to buy every toy. Don’t make a face when I cook

something. We should be thankful.

6. Black widow- is making up for her past by saving the world now. It’s okay if you don’t do well.

Work hard and do better next time.

7. Black Panther– He fights for his people to save his world.

Stand with your brother always. Family first.

8. Supergirl- She makes the right choice and finds her powers.

Don’t get tempted seeing Oreos. Listen to Mumma and eat fruits.

9. Doctor Strange- He understands that we should not get arrogant about our skills and find our hidden

powers and use them without fear.

You can’t win always. Sometimes your brother will win. Smile and clap for him.

10.Paw Patrol- always ready to rescue.

Don’t scare the birds that come to our balcony. We should be kind to animals

11. Chota Bheem- extremely brave boy, strong and intelligent. He helps and solves everyone’s

the problem in his town called Dholakpur.

We should be good citizens and help our city by doing our bit.

12. Peppa Pig- well-behaved girl in preschool who loves her family and friends. Peppa learns good

things every day and has fun. Like Peppa, we should be polite, well behaved and be kind to all.

13. Dora- she is a seven-year-old girl who goes on different adventures with her monkey. We should all

be explorers in life.

14. PJ Masks- Two boys and one girl together as friends save their city from the villians. We should

stand united with our friends and do well for our city.

15. Harry Potter- the boy who lived, made friends and fought Voldemort. We can’t do everything on

our own. It is okay to ask for help. Find good friends in life.

The most important thing I say to my little Super Heroes…

‘Mumma loves you the most’! You can always tell me anything. ️

Made this family caricature for a friend who helped me like a superhero last year. The best part is we have never met. People you least expect show kindness and support in ways that touch your life.

Heroes are made by the path they choose,

not the powers they are graced with.”- Marvel Avengers”

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