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We are tiny specks with big dreams on a blue planet!

When life gets too overwhelming or too underwhelming just read this and think…

Why are we so busy? Why do we carry this invisible burden of expectations from people and ourselves?

My father always says that “Whenever there is a problem you stop and think will it matter to me so much 5 years from now? You imagine the worst-case scenario and what actually happens eventually is not as bad. You will always find a way.”

I always found a way.I sometimes ran and sometimes I crawled but I always found a way. Our biggest achievements in life are not listed on our professional resumes but the ones etched in our memories. Our life experiences are our biggest qualifications. There is no set template to list our Life’s personal achievements, overcoming failures or a section to display character. We know about this deep down and often forget about this. Make a personal resume’. List down your strengths, life events that made an impact. Your biggest failures and how you survived. Your lost friendships, the people you met in your life and the life lessons you learnt.

Your Personal Resume is the most powerful document you will ever write. It will not fit into one page and have no set structure but it will make an impact that will change your life.

Things to write in your personal Resume

  1. How you stood up to someone in life and held your ground?
  2. How you managed to care and provide in uncertain COVID times?
  3. How you gathered courage and walked out of any bad relationship?
  4. How you cut down superficial friendships and found peace?
  5. How you motivated yourself and achieved some goals?
  6. How you found your voice when you were wronged?
  7. How you didn’t care about anyone and did something anyway?
  8. How you completely broke down but gathered yourself and came back stronger?
  9. How you have learnt to forgive and move on?
  10. How proud are you of the person you have become today?

We often wish for miracles but we don’t see we are one ourselves. Don’t stop believing. You survived a lot to get here. The best stories are often untold because they are so personal and precious to share with the world. You own your story and keep writing.






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