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Maa Ki Aankh!

Have you ever wondered why most curse words target the women even if they are directed towards a man? The women folk of the family are a symbol of family respect, reputation and status so abuses that target the women, target the family honor. Teri Maa Ki… often leads to a big fight because it is the ultimate insult. We love our moms so why not respect other moms also?

As a mom blogger I want to say to the world…. “Please don’t get MOTHERS into your fights.”. I want to change the narrative. We have to stop blaming Moms by saying “ Teri Mummy ne kuch nahi sikhaya( Your Mom has taught you nothing)?”. Stop threatening, joking and abusing with Maa in the context.

Next time you hear Maa Ki Aankh I want you to remember that it has many different versions –

1.‘Love at First Sight’ wali Maa Ki Aankh- Ask any Mom to remember the first time she looked at her baby. It was love, surprise and joy.

2.‘Fear’wali Maa Ki Aankh– When her child gets that first vaccination or gets hurt and cries. Mom may be consoling and saying comforting words but her eyes will tell you that she can feel the prick, bump and scratch. She is the one sitting all night dabbing your forehead with a damp cloth to bring the fever down. You will see the concern, worry and fear in her eyes.

3.‘GPS’wali Maa ki Aankh- Observe moms in the kids park. They might chat with each other but one eye is always following their child. Ask a Mom of a teenager. She will play it cool but still keep a tab on where the kids hang out. Moms have invisible eyes at the back of their head too!

4. ‘Detective’ wali Maa ki Aankh- baby’s poop, missing cookies, a broken vase, cake crumbs or a love letter! Forensic science gadgets can’t compete with a Mom. She can see the unseen, spot the not so obvious mood of her child and foresee the events.

5. ‘Do not touch’ wali Maa ki Aankh- One stern look and a strong message is conveyed to the child when he is touching something he should not or stuffing his mouth with cookies at a guest’s house. One big frown can convey a bunch of reasons and consequences.

6. ‘The Eyeroll’ wali Maa Ki Aankh-useless parenting advise, jokes and excuses by her kids that she has heard a million times or walking into a mess . All invite that famous Maa ki Eyeroll wali Aankh.

7. ‘You can do it’ wali Maa ki Aankh-When you see your child from a distance performing on the school stage. That moment when the child spots you in the crowd. That exchange of look is so powerful and reassuring… that is ‘You can do it’ wali Ma Ki Aankh.

8. ‘Wink and know’ wali Maa Ki Aankh- When you can’t seem to convince your dad for a late night party. The mom who trusts you winks and nods with a smile is saying don’t worry I will talk to dad later.

9. ‘Angry Mata’ wali Maa ki Aankh- You question her parenting, ridicule her child or challenge her beliefs wali Aankh. Do not mess with me wali Aankh.

10. ‘Pride’ wali Maa ki Aankh– From your first baby step, first written alphabet, first prize at frog race, first professional job and first award.. The gleaming eyes say “ I am so Proud of you”.

11. ‘The closed’ Maa ki Aankhen– They close and remember you. They close to pray for you and they close to hold the tears when you hug and say “ Mumma I love you”.

So I hope next time You hear Maa Ki Aankh remember your beautiful Mom. Before you hurl abuses at someone and say Teri Maa ki.. You picture that person’s mom smiling. Uski Maa did nothing to you and might offer you a cup of tea with a big smile if you visit her.

Be everyone’s Maa Ki Aankh Ka Taara.



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