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Anatomy of Kids

When you become a parent you re-learn anatomy through your kids. You understand that your ‘Tiny Humans’ have a mind of their own and capable of surprising you when you least expect it. You discover that there is always space in your child’s tummy for French Fries and chocolates but the humble eggplant requires some negotiation.

My blogger friend Namrata Sadhvani recently called out an influencer who mocked parents who talk about their child’s age in months. It may seem odd to people without kids but if you are a parent to a young kid you know that days, weeks and months govern milestones. FYI- Parents are not crazy we know what we are doing!

Here are some funny observations that are not true‘Anatomically’ but certainly relevant ‘comically’!

***Disclaimer: Just for Laughs! 🙂  Can you relate?

Lets start at the top!

1. Head– these big bobble heads have the most soft and wonderful baby smelling hair. They sit on our laps and often block our view.

2. Brain– They have a million questions as they grow up. They observe very carefully and know when to have a meltdown and when to flash that cute smile.

3.Eyes– Cannot find the toy but can spot a toffee from a distance. They might be learning alphabets recognition but they can spot the ice cream vendor on the drive. The eyes are wide open in the night and they know you are going out when you change your clothes.

4. Ears– Selective hearing scenario. You can scream your lungs out calling them in the park when its time to go back home but but they can hear the chocolate wrapper from far. Older kids have spy ears. They pick up the conversation and blurt it out in the wrong place.

5.Nose-Can smell cake before its ready. Love grown-ups perfumes and loves booger hunting.

6. Mouth– Non- stop talking or pin drop silence when its time to speak. Tongue is always sticking out like a happy pup and loves to lick. Bite is deadlier than a great white shark and God help you if you are breastfeeding. They can scream to make you deaf but a smile that can make your heart melt.

The abdomen-

1. Lungs– Capacity to scream the loudest, cry the longest and sigh the slowest. The reason behind Mummaaaaaaaa…

2. Heart– Beats so fast to tell u so many things.

3. Stomach– Main space for French fries and chocolates. Small section for ghar ka khana. Tiny section for selective fruits. Tummy always full before meals but always space for Oreos.

4. Small and Big Intestine– Poop making factory. Yummy food vanishes quickly.

5. Bladder- Always empty when there is a loo nearby. Contents released only when the pressure is high.

The Lower part of the body-

1. Knee– Always scratched. Super flexible. Can knead your organs to pulp if they jump on you.

2. Legs- Lean mean machine. Can outrun when you. One kick in the middle of the night will make you remember your mom.

3. Feet-Always barefoot. Will leave footprints on your fresh new bedsheet. Clipping nails is like diffusing a bomb and will grow new footwear before you know it.

The Hands-

1. Grip for life

2. Sometimes sticky and glittery.

3. Too much handwash.

4. Fingers that can poke your eyes, always ready to touch, hunt for boogers and launch them into space.

5. Wolverine nails.

Isn’t this fun! Who says parenting is boring? You have to pay attention to notice these small things. We made these Tiny humans and its time to sit back and marvel at what we created.

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