Choose To Challenge and Choose to Change

Your normal might be a privilege for someone else. Your independence might be a dream for many. Your struggle can be inspiration for others and your choice can spark a change.

This Women’s Day -I Choose to Challenge!
To see a change in our world we have to begin with ourselves, our homes and our daily lives. We have to find the courage to stand up for ourselves, voice our opinions, put ourselves first, value our dreams and aim big.

The level of challenges differ for all women. We have to respect, support and judge less. We can start by cheering for our peers and celebrating their success. We have to challenge the mindset that slows our progress and clouds our thinking. We can support each other by calling out the gender bias and inequality.

Change begins at home so we have to start there. Our everyday choices impact our lives. Women tend to limit themselves because they are either conditioned to adjust, sacrifice or lack direction. Lend support, listen and offer help.

The most effective way to face our challenges is to break the stereotypes imposed on us. It is never too late in life to find a passion and go for it.  You assert yourself and see a difference.

Don’t compare your struggles and don’t discount someone’s effort. It takes more courage to challenge our own biases and take a stand in front of our own.

This Women’s Day I challenge the stereotype I face that I am ‘just a mom’! It is my choice to be who I am and what I want to be. I am a person with ideas, creativity and passion. I am a woman who wears many hats. I write and draw to inspire, share and connect. I will break stereotypes and spark ideas with my cartoons. Yes! I can make a difference in my capacity.

I choose to Challenge the mindset that limits me to be ‘just a mom at home.’ Watch me change the world with my laptop and phone from my home!

Happy Women’s Day

Happy Women’s Day ‘This blog post is part of SpeakEasy Blogging Challenge by Dipika and Ruchi. https://www.gleefulblogger.com/5-smart-kitchen-appliances-for-indian-homes/) and Ruchi (https://wigglingpen.com/importance-of-extra-curricular-activities-with-school-academics/).

18 thoughts on “Choose To Challenge and Choose to Change

  1. Such a power packed post and I completely agree with your thoughts. Change should begun at the home, if women take a pleadge that they will break the stereotype and will stand for themselves with firmness, then this world will become a better place for women.


  2. So true! I have head this phase just a mom so many times. We should be someone whom our kids would look up to.
    If we treat equals they will grow and differentiate that its equal.


  3. True, the level of challenge is different for every one. We are being judged and disrespect mostly from woman’s only. Instead of that if we start to give respect each of us that will really uplift the woman


  4. Change is a word that needs personal touch, it must and should always start with person using it, you have clearly pointed the gap and it needs to be filled with right examples.
    Thank you for participating and joining us. Means a lot.


  5. True that✌change begins at home… Children learn from parents in two ways by imitating or by rejection. We have a great opportunity in our daughter’s lives to develop feminity.
    I feel in society, women’s support for the fellow woman should be strengthened and limitless.


  6. True that ..change begins at home✌children learn from parents in two ways: by imitating or by rejection. We have great opportunities in our daughter’s lives to develop feminity.
    I feel in society, women’s support for a fellow woman should be strengthened and limitless.. We have enough obstacles than hating on each other.


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