M- Mom Life

Messy Mom Life!

Good Moms have messy kitchens, laundry piles, dirty ovens and happy kids!”

A random quote from google which makes absolutely no sense to me. Which mom likes a mess? Moms are fighting daily mess everyday. If you can’t see it? It means, Moms successfully covered it up! Let me narrate a few Messy Mom life stories-

Tablecloth ki Kahaani-

We bought a beautiful dining table a year ago. We spent a lot of time deciding the wood, design and selecting a shop to custom make it. My son dropped his chocolate milk on the table on the second day. It hurt like hell. Cleaning the sticky, sugary milky mess from the brand new table with a glass top is no mean feat. I controlled my anger. I reminded myself about gentle parenting while I gritted my teeth and faked a concerned smile reassuring my offspring not to worry. Like a typical Indian middle class Mom I covered it with a fancy tablecloth followed by a plastic sheet from the local market. My heart ached to see my good taste in décor wrapped under the cheap plastic sheet. Not instagram or Pinterest worthy but it sure works. There have been more accidental spills and sticky handprints but the cheap 250 Rupees plastic sheet saved my  Teakwood Dining table! When my family insists I become like Neena Gupta and sing “tablecloth ke andar kya hai.. Tablecloth ke andar! Table cloth ke andar Dil hai mera! Yeh Dil main doongi special guests ke liye.. Guests ki liye… ! If you come to my house and get to see my dining table you must know how special you mean to me!

Bath-Time ki Kahani- Leave your kids unattended for sometime in the bathroom and return to a bucket full of milky white soap water. The joy of dissolving the Dove soap in the water and vigorously churning the water with your arm while the toys experience a tsunami whirlpool in the bucket is a thrill my kids enjoy a lot. I always ask why? I am waiting for a reasonable explanation still. Throwing that dirty water in the commode sometimes sweeps away a hidden toy at the bottom of the bucket and you know what to do next. Joys of motherhood!

Glitter activities- I loved glitter till I had kids. Once you buy glitter it never leaves your home. Glitter stays in your life like your bad habits. You need a lot of effort to get rid of it. I give a million instructions to my kids to be careful when they use glitter for their projects or artwork. I hate those slime kit activities. That slime feels like my heart and my kids squeezing the happiness out of it. You will find glitter in places that have absolutely no reason for it to even exist like your kids bottoms and your precious cushion covers.

Sand Activity Kit- This activity is supposed to help the kids develop their fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. Kids play for 20 mins and parents spend the next 20 mins cleaning it. I don’t know how but I find tonnes of sand in my son’s hair. No preparation works. The sand always escapes the newspapers I lay to protect my floor. I can feel the sand grains for many days despite cleaning. It is like a cruel joke on you that makes you think of sand and beach but without a holiday. I feel like a mom with a broom on a beach holiday.

Vomit in the middle of the night- Why do moms have to clean the vomit in the middle of the night when the child gets unwell? Maybe I don’t trust my better half to grab the kid, run to the loo and save the mink blanket and the bedsheet, all in one go. I have many times wondered while cleaning the mess as to who assigned the vomit department to me! I can’t blame him entirely. The husband once tried to help but used the good hand towel to wipe off the vomit from the floor and threw it in the laundry basket to be discovered by me the next day. I got unwell seeing his effort. My mental health comes first I have concluded.

Moms are always fire fighting the mess at home. They learn on the job and become a pro. Hail the mommy brigade. Dear mommies don’t stress because you can handle any mess.

❤️ Faujimom

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