Winter is coming!

I dread winters. This post was written in winters but like a big grizzly bear I was hibernate and missed posting it on my blog. It’s still relevant so read up-

Best part of winters this pandemic is that I am glad kids will be home this season which means no getting up early mornings to get them ready. The getting up part was for me!

I have decided not to be so cold towards this season and give it a chance. I plan to embrace it tight like a cozy blanket. While my hands might be cold I hope it keeps our hearts warm and spirits high.

Here are the typical things that happen during winters-

1. The first sign of winters is when the ghee in the kitchen gets solidified and the Parachute coconut bottle has to be put in a mug of hot water to take out the oil.

2. The chai will soon have more adrak, tulsi and spices.

3. The evenings will start to get chilly and you make plans to take out the winter wear.

4. The advertising on Tv will change from sunscreen to cold cream. The promise of glow and beauty will remain intact.

5. Winter Wardrobe-

This is a massive job. The trunks, suitcases and bed boxes are opened and all of a sudden the bed will look like a mountain of clothes. You look at the woollen mountain and wonder itne kapde kyun hai? You declare that this winter no shopping is required. The clothes will smell of naphthalene balls and remind you of winter trips and holidays. You will discover how kids have outgrown some clothes and you start to make a separate pile of woollens. Some clothes will make you nostalgic like the sweater your nani made for you in college that you still wear. The hoodie branded jacket you bought last year for new years to match your dress and so on.

6. Packing the summer wear- This will happen simultaneously. All the colourful clothes will now be folded and kept away. You will find some clothes you didn’t have the chance to wear and make a note that next season you will fit in all the summer clothes.

7. Relatives and elderly will predict and forecast this winter season. They will tell you the same childhood winter stories you have heard many times.

8. Bathing in winters is a mision.

“Geyser on kiya?” will be a question always asked at home and “off kiya?” asked while leaving home. There will be quick showers, less bathroom singing, quick dressing up and loads of shivering.

9. Room heaters- Different styles and brands will flood the market. You will take out yours and hang around it like a teenager in love.

10. The different types of blankets will come out also. Some shaadi wala blanket, some mummy ki rajai and some mink blankets. Our beds will look crowded and heavy.

11. Kids will start walking barefoot as the floor gets colder.

12. Relatives will comment about making your kids wear more layers, do more maalish else they will fall ill.

13. The vegetable market will have a lot of green leafy veggies, amlaa etc. You start dreaming of saag and makki ki rotis and the million parathas you swear you won’t eat.

14. The peanut and chikki wala carts will be seen on the roads. You will be on the lookout for Jaggery and discriminate based upon its colour. Here the darker the better!

15. Hot steaming momos, boiled eggs, sweet potato chaat vendors will look more tempting now.

16. You will start valuing and noticing where all you get good sunlight in the house. You will hope for the clothes to dry soon.

17. You will find your friends in other warm states wearing boots and scarves and calling the chill in the air as winter and you will roll your eyes.

I have a theory. You can always find out who is the mom when you spot a child. A mother’s tolerance of cold weather reflects in her dressing and her children on most days 🙂

Happy Winter Season Everyone 🙂

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