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How To Think Positive When You Test Positive!

Covid-19 has caused havoc in everyone’s lives. There are many heartbreaking accounts online that leave you anxious. I have searched for covid-19 recovery stories that inspire and motivate but there aren’t many. The news channels and newspapers highlight the misery and loss which is part of their job but often the recovery stories go untold.  So, I am here to share my covid-19 recovery story which ironically begins with testing positive but ends on a positive note.

April 2021 saw a big wave of covid-19 cases. Like many people, we were caught off guard, trying to stay afloat, gasping for breath and riding it out. It began with my husband testing positive. My first clue was when he slept off at 7, on a Friday evening. Not saying hello to ‘Old Monk’ on a Friday was kind of a big deal. I admit that I did suspect him of avoiding my homemade desi Thai curry at that point. My motherly intuition kicked in so I quarantined the sleeping man, packed and sent kids away for the remaining weekend. Here’s a glimpse of our experience-

  • Next two days his symptoms developed.  He got himself tested and soon we broke the news to our extended family. Parents showed concern, motivated and prayed for us.  Our kids however were overjoyed with their impromptu trip.
  • I was told to get tested after 4 days to get an accurate diagnosis. I moved to the kids bedroom while he stayed quarantined in our bedroom. Experiencing no symptoms I felt undisputed. I spent the next 4 days being the Super Wife! I googled kada recipes and made herbal concoctions to kill the virus. With no house help I was doing it all by myself (No one acknowledges the caretaker! ).  I made a food plan with fruits, healthy vegetables and supplements to boost the immunity and washed the dishes with vengeance to kill any viruses lurking around.
  • My humble Tulsi pot was suddenly promoted as the star plant in my collection.
  • We both took steam 3 times in a day. I don’t know if we steamed the virus but our nostrils and throat felt like steamed dumplings and the face resembling the hot red momo chutney.
  • Day 5 I got my positive report but still felt really strong. I secretly applauded my inner strength. My husband declared he lost his sense of smell and taste which was a good sign indicating that his is a mild case. I decided not to focus too much on cooking since his taste buds were on a break.
  • Day 6 I woke up with exhaustion, fever and chills. I accepted that I am no wonder woman. I got to take it slow and get some rest. I declared the kitchen is closed. The food has to be ordered and squeeze your own nimboopani!!! Super Wife was on a sabbatical.
  • The expensive oximeter we bought out of sheer desperation was a big rip off. Some enterprising crook had flooded the market with these blue oximeters which gave a faulty reading. Every finger had a different reading! Only if we could give him a finger!
  • I prayed for my loss of taste and smell. I wanted all odds in my favor. Like a bloodhound I could sniff things far away. One night I woke up with a very stuffy nose and throat. The next morning I discovered I had lost the ability to smell and taste. I finally smelled some hope.
  • The days were about maintaining fever records, popping pills, kadha, steam and saving every ounce of energy while keeping sane.
  • We got a lot of gyaan, forwards and phonecalls from family and friends. I did what made sense and ignored the ones that included eating raw onions and squeezing lemon juice up my nose.
  • I tried ordering fruits and essentials online but there was a big wait. Prices of eggs, lemons and nariyal paani were giving avacados some serious competition.
  • Arranging food was the biggest headache. One covid thali meal that we ordered was so unappetizing that I am sure I lost my taste buds in the bargain.
  • Cutting off from social media was the best decision I made during that time. I watched my favourite funny series and worked on being mentally strong. Like Dr. Strange from Avengers I was training my mind to remember how amazing and strong human bodies are.
  • I sheepishly became more religious than my usual self. God must have chuckled to see my new avatar. I thought I must have accumulated good brownie points by being the super wife and super mom so like a good politician I promised full devotion once I get another term.

The days went by in a blur and we soon tested negative. It was not because of anything we did but probably because we were lucky. The Universe was kind and we somehow rode the wave and came to the shore.

This experience made me value health, family and life. A big thank you to the doctors, essential service staff and people who are fighting for us all. They are aptly called the covid warriors.

So Dear Friends, if this prick makes an appearance in your life don’t sweat. There are many like us who survived. There are less conversations because most survivors are too tired and finding their way back to normal self . Face it head on and hang in there. We are often stronger than we think.

When you test positive think positive!

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