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Land Kara Do! A Turbulent Airplane Journey

I dream of traveling to far off places and exploring the world but I absolutely hate flying. Most times it's a smooth ride but offlate I have experienced some really turbulent flights. Forget about the 'airport looks' I am looking out for the clouds. These white fluffy cotton candy clouds look so harmless and Instagram… Continue reading Land Kara Do! A Turbulent Airplane Journey

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Never Have I Ever…

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Patriarchy Begins at Home

Most times Patriarchy creeps up in our homes without us even noticing. The things we say and accept make all the difference. The intensions might be good but how our kids absorb the information is damaging. I have politely smiled many times when I hear such things but now I don't. I always interrupt and… Continue reading Patriarchy Begins at Home

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How To Think Positive When You Test Positive!

Covid-19 has caused havoc in everyone’s lives. There are many heartbreaking accounts online that leave you anxious. I have searched for covid-19 recovery stories that inspire and motivate but there aren’t many. The news channels and newspapers highlight the misery and loss which is part of their job but often the recovery stories go untold. … Continue reading How To Think Positive When You Test Positive!

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Decoding Husbands

"Men marry women with the hope they will never change. Women marry men with the hope they will change. Invariably they are both disappointed."Albert Einstein If understanding women is complicated then let me tell you, understanding men leaves you confused. They handle pretty complicated things at work but it baffles me how simple things are… Continue reading Decoding Husbands


Winter is coming!

I dread winters. This post was written in winters but like a big grizzly bear I was hibernate and missed posting it on my blog. It's still relevant so read up- Best part of winters this pandemic is that I am glad kids will be home this season which means no getting up early mornings… Continue reading Winter is coming!

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I hate Kids Birthday Parties

I love my kids but I dread Birthdays. The sound of that event makes me tired. There have been birthdays which seemed tougher than actually going through child birth. Before you judge me and think I am heartless, let me declare… I love my kids a lot! I do not enjoy throwing or attending kids… Continue reading I hate Kids Birthday Parties

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Messy Mom Life!

Good Moms have messy kitchens, laundry piles, dirty ovens and happy kids!" A random quote from google which makes absolutely no sense to me. Which mom likes a mess? Moms are fighting daily mess everyday. If you can’t see it? It means, Moms successfully covered it up! Let me narrate a few Messy Mom life… Continue reading Messy Mom Life!


Moms and their frustrations!

Women are often made to feel guilty for wanting more in life. The expectations from her are endless but there is a disclaimer on her dreams. How often have you heard “Sab kuch toh hai so why are you still not happy”? If you feel this way then read on. Wanting more in life is… Continue reading Moms and their frustrations!