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Moms don’t stop praying.

Parenting is for life! Someone told me once that the size of a mother’s worry is as big as the child. I found that analogy very interesting. A few years down the line as an experienced mommy, I look back and feel... Damn! it was true. As a young mom of a newborn I felt… Continue reading Moms don’t stop praying.

M- Mom Life

Children, Please Make Some Noise!

Parenthood is full of irony. You wish for things to happen and then at times, you hope they don’t. I keep telling my kids to keep the noise down all day. Yesterday I gave instructions to my troops to keep the chaos and noise down while mommy takes a quick nap in the other room.… Continue reading Children, Please Make Some Noise!

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The Lockdown Moms

Necessity is the mother of invention- Plato The NEED of the hour is to hold the fort and keep the morale high of our little troops. In this lockdown period Moms have risen to the occasion and how! During this lockdown period we have seen moms play different roles.. Which one are you? 1.The Homeschool… Continue reading The Lockdown Moms

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A Typical Mom’s Phone

You can tell a lot about a person by looking at the phone they carry. You can also spot a parent’s phone especially a moms.Phones nowadays are more than just gadgets. They are an essential part of our lives. We always carry them and keep them close. Yes, I am guilty of giving my phone… Continue reading A Typical Mom’s Phone

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Sex Before Verses After A Baby!

Sex after a baby? Sex before kids is like a Romantic Blockbuster Movie. Let me narrate a typical script… A dashing man meets a beautiful woman. The man woos the woman with his charm while she plays hard to get. The ambience is beautiful with music, rose petals sprinkled all around, a candle lit dinner… Continue reading Sex Before Verses After A Baby!

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When you find Peppa on the dinner Plate!

Recently on the dinner table my son asked “Mom where do the sausages grow?”I am always quick to answer but this one made me pause. I had to decide how much truth I should tell my kids. So the conversation began, “Sausages are made with meat that animals give us.” I thought maybe this answer… Continue reading When you find Peppa on the dinner Plate!

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Cool Inventions Needed By Moms

Necessity is the mother of invention. Almost every day I look around and imagine the things I would like to invent. Only if I was more academically inclined and loved science, I would have become a scientist. If you are a scientist or know one personally… please forward this post urgently. Here are a bunch… Continue reading Cool Inventions Needed By Moms

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Meet The Parents: Session 2020

Kids are cute but the Parents are cuter. I attended a school orientation for parents yesterday and it was amusing. I am going to share my observations about different types of parents with you. Read how this began... The Google Meet links were sent a few days back by the teacher. The parents WhatsApp groups… Continue reading Meet The Parents: Session 2020