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How To Think Positive When You Test Positive!

Covid-19 has caused havoc in everyone’s lives. There are many heartbreaking accounts online that leave you anxious. I have searched for covid-19 recovery stories that inspire and motivate but there aren’t many. The news channels and newspapers highlight the misery and loss which is part of their job but often the recovery stories go untold. … Continue reading How To Think Positive When You Test Positive!


Winter is coming!

I dread winters. This post was written in winters but like a big grizzly bear I was hibernate and missed posting it on my blog. It's still relevant so read up- Best part of winters this pandemic is that I am glad kids will be home this season which means no getting up early mornings… Continue reading Winter is coming!


Moms and their frustrations!

Women are often made to feel guilty for wanting more in life. The expectations from her are endless but there is a disclaimer on her dreams. How often have you heard “Sab kuch toh hai so why are you still not happy”? If you feel this way then read on. Wanting more in life is… Continue reading Moms and their frustrations!


My Child Please ask Why?

You realise how little you know and observe when your child starts asking you questions. A child asks about 40,000 questions between the age of 2 to 5. By the age of 11, most children stop asking questions. Research done by Harvard Child Psychologist Paul Harris. My four year old loves to ask Why? His… Continue reading My Child Please ask Why?


Choose To Challenge and Choose to Change

Your normal might be a privilege for someone else. Your independence might be a dream for many. Your struggle can be inspiration for others and your choice can spark a change. This Women's Day -I Choose to Challenge!To see a change in our world we have to begin with ourselves, our homes and our daily… Continue reading Choose To Challenge and Choose to Change

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Anatomy of Kids

When you become a parent you re-learn anatomy through your kids. You understand that your 'Tiny Humans' have a mind of their own and capable of surprising you when you least expect it. You discover that there is always space in your child's tummy for French Fries and chocolates but the humble eggplant requires some negotiation.… Continue reading Anatomy of Kids

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Maa Ki Aankh!

Have you ever wondered why most curse words target the women even if they are directed towards a man? The women folk of the family are a symbol of family respect, reputation and status so abuses that target the women, target the family honor. Teri Maa Ki... often leads to a big fight because it… Continue reading Maa Ki Aankh!

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Don’t Envy Your Friends!

Tell me if you have noticed- Scenario 1- You open your Facebook and read notifications-“Your friend X has tagged you and 40 other women for a challenge.Post a black and white picture and show that you support and encourage women. Women stand for women.!” You will find at least 40 enthusiastic women respond to this and… Continue reading Don’t Envy Your Friends!

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All Expenses Paid Vacation for Moms!

I have been imagining a nice long holiday every time I wash the dishes. The sound of water and the froth from the dishwashing soap reminds me of the sea. Yes, I am one of those who still haven’t called the house help back. My family accuses me of being paranoid. I simply say they… Continue reading All Expenses Paid Vacation for Moms!

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Games of Thrones. Epic Potty Tales!

When you become a parent you realise ‘Shit Matters!’ Every milestone in a child’s life is big. Some happen naturally and some take a lot of work. You find tired, anxious parents cheering from the bathroom stands, keeping their fingers crossed hoping their child Does it. The child will either refuse to give in, cry his… Continue reading Games of Thrones. Epic Potty Tales!