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Superheroes Watch Cartoons!

That’s the real trouble with the world, too many people grow up.”- Walt Disney Do you sit back and watch cartoons with your kids? Remember we used to love watching cartoons also but we outgrew them. I wonder why? Adults probably need cool graphics, larger than life experience to believe something which is actually so… Continue reading Superheroes Watch Cartoons!

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“Social Media is so Fake!”

Being Social On Social Media Social Media is simply online networking. We show our best and our worst best to engage and start a conversation. While some are socially active online there are many who are not. To each its own but …. 1. When People say “I am on social media just to wish… Continue reading “Social Media is so Fake!”

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We are tiny specks with big dreams on a blue planet!

When life gets too overwhelming or too underwhelming just read this and think... Why are we so busy? Why do we carry this invisible burden of expectations from people and ourselves? My father always says that “Whenever there is a problem you stop and think will it matter to me so much 5 years from now?… Continue reading We are tiny specks with big dreams on a blue planet!

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If Sri Krishna was a Blogger.

Gods were on social media Sri Krishna would certainly be well known for his brilliant communication skills and intelligence. He would ace the influencer game and wow the audience with his thought provoking and mischievous content. As a people person Krishna would get along with Gods of all religions and make an impact on the… Continue reading If Sri Krishna was a Blogger.

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Moms and Mosquitoes!

Rain Rain Go Away.           Don't Bring Mosquitoes Moms Pray! I welcome the rains but I dread the mosquitoes. These pesky blood sucking beings have made life hell offlate. Despite keeping all the doors and windows closed they appear out of nowhere. Covid is already on my mind and now there is dengue, malaria and chikungunya!Now… Continue reading Moms and Mosquitoes!

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Feeling Overwhelmed

Overwhelmed much? Life has changed and how. The New normal is not normal at all. Most days begin like a marathon trying to finish chores, work and kids school work. Weeks have gone by in a blur. There is so much going on and yet most things are not happening. Some days are good and… Continue reading Feeling Overwhelmed


Don’t Go Crazy, My Lady

Don’t Go Crazy, My lady! Lockdown has been tough. We all have found our unique ways to tackle and handle this. To me, this feels like a daily marathon. Daily chores are like obstacles we have to finish to get ahead. Our family members are like spectators attending the event but sitting in the stands.… Continue reading Don’t Go Crazy, My Lady

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The Lockdown Moms

Necessity is the mother of invention- Plato The NEED of the hour is to hold the fort and keep the morale high of our little troops. In this lockdown period Moms have risen to the occasion and how! During this lockdown period we have seen moms play different roles.. Which one are you? 1.The Homeschool… Continue reading The Lockdown Moms

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The Big Fat Indian Cringe Fest!

Have you watched the new series on Netflix called the Indian Matchmaking? I did last week. Binged watched two seasons in a few days. It follows the work of a matchmaker Mrs. Seema Taparia from Mumbai who arranges marriages for couples in India and abroad. Like a bad car accident you don’t want to look but… Continue reading The Big Fat Indian Cringe Fest!

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Meet The Parents: Session 2020

Kids are cute but the Parents are cuter. I attended a school orientation for parents yesterday and it was amusing. I am going to share my observations about different types of parents with you. Read how this began... The Google Meet links were sent a few days back by the teacher. The parents WhatsApp groups… Continue reading Meet The Parents: Session 2020