About Me


People often ask me how I started Faujimom. My honest answer is ‘out of immense frustration!’.

It sounds funny but it’s true! Few years ago while I was changing my son’s diaper, my future life flashed in front of me. All of a sudden I realized “Oh my God! I am a mom of two kids”. My older child was a toddler and my newborn pooped in the middle of the night, to remind me of the joys of motherhood. That dirty diaper spoke to me and said ” Niyati, wake up and smell the Poop!”. My biggest worry was getting lost in motherhood. After soul searching and some midnight browsing during night feeds I found social media. I started drawing cartoons on paper and shared online with other moms. To my surprise people understood my parenting humour and related to my mundane mom life.

My simple cartoons graduated from paper to digital over the years. A Fauji upbringing and getting married to one inspired the name Faujimom. Back then when I googled the name Faujimom a lot of X rated content popped up which really bugged me. I chose the name ‘Faujimom’ to change that.

Faujimom is my take on life and parenting through cartoons. I actively started drawing and blogging in 2019 when my younger son started preschool. I hope to inspire, connect and learn everyday.

Dear Friends.. frustration is good.. Sometimes a dirty diaper at midnight can spark ideas and change your life.