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Feeling Overwhelmed

Overwhelmed much? Life has changed and how. The New normal is not normal at all. Most days begin like a marathon trying to finish chores, work and kids school work. Weeks have gone by in a blur. There is so much going on and yet most things are not happening. Some days are good and… Continue reading Feeling Overwhelmed


Life’s Menu Card- Dine Well.

My version of Life's Menu card and a cheat sheet for adulting. There are no Free lunches in the world. We all have our versions so select carefully.We all get handed a menu card in life. Drinks are like hardwork, ambition and drive that keep the experience smooth. Childhood experiences are like appetizers that set… Continue reading Life’s Menu Card- Dine Well.

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There are 10 Types of Social Friends

Real friends are far and few. We might not even get to meet them very often. Social friends are acquaintances we meet socially through our spouse, work or kids. We ‘Friend’ them on Facebook, follow them on social media and eventually call them friends. We spend more time with social friends and understanding them will… Continue reading There are 10 Types of Social Friends

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Moms don’t stop praying.

Parenting is for life! Someone told me once that the size of a mother’s worry is as big as the child. I found that analogy very interesting. A few years down the line as an experienced mommy, I look back and feel... Damn! it was true. As a young mom of a newborn I felt… Continue reading Moms don’t stop praying.


Don’t Go Crazy, My Lady

Don’t Go Crazy, My lady! Lockdown has been tough. We all have found our unique ways to tackle and handle this. To me, this feels like a daily marathon. Daily chores are like obstacles we have to finish to get ahead. Our family members are like spectators attending the event but sitting in the stands.… Continue reading Don’t Go Crazy, My Lady

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Children, Please Make Some Noise!

Parenthood is full of irony. You wish for things to happen and then at times, you hope they don’t. I keep telling my kids to keep the noise down all day. Yesterday I gave instructions to my troops to keep the chaos and noise down while mommy takes a quick nap in the other room.… Continue reading Children, Please Make Some Noise!

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Pati Is Not Parmeshwar!

Hello! How are you? I had a very interesting conversation with a friend about husbands. My friend narrated a funny family incident. Recently on her family WhatsApp group, a young married relative sent a picture of Nimboo Pani in a cocktail glass made by her husband. All relatives showered praises on how thoughtful he was… Continue reading Pati Is Not Parmeshwar!

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The Lockdown Moms

Necessity is the mother of invention- Plato The NEED of the hour is to hold the fort and keep the morale high of our little troops. In this lockdown period Moms have risen to the occasion and how! During this lockdown period we have seen moms play different roles.. Which one are you? 1.The Homeschool… Continue reading The Lockdown Moms


Dear Mommy to Be…. Don’t Worry

Dear Mommy to Be....A mother loves her child even before she gets to see the baby. She worries day and night hoping she is doing a good job. For first time moms, pregnancy is a new adventure that brings its share of worries.I know Covid-19 has not only got you worried but also spoiled some… Continue reading Dear Mommy to Be…. Don’t Worry

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A Typical Mom’s Phone

You can tell a lot about a person by looking at the phone they carry. You can also spot a parent’s phone especially a moms.Phones nowadays are more than just gadgets. They are an essential part of our lives. We always carry them and keep them close. Yes, I am guilty of giving my phone… Continue reading A Typical Mom’s Phone